Making disciples of Christ in Uganda through fostering authentic relationships, offering practical support like education, healthcare, and community empowerment. Together, we reach out to those in need, nurturing a community of faith and service, and then forming house churches finally

Our Story

The story of Didsil Missions Foundation started with a young Ugandan man named Sito Silas Didas experiencing a calling to serve his community. Witnessing hardship mirrored his own struggles, Sito envisioned a network of house churches offering spiritual grounding and practical support. Fueled by faith and dreams, he embarked on a journey to empower others, transforming lives and leaving a lasting legacy.

Ministry Focus Areas

Didsil Missions Foundation is a Ugandan ministry dedicated to bringing the transformative power of the Gospel to life. We believe in serving others with compassion and meeting their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Didsil Missions Foundation (DMF) strives to be a beacon of hope in Uganda, serving the community through a multifaceted approach that combines spiritual nourishment, practical service, and unwavering advocacy for children’s well-being.

Advancing the Gospel

Spreading the Gospel and nurturing faith through house church planting for worship, discipleship, and community outreach, alongside our "Making of Disciples" program that empowers believers to share their faith.

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Demonstrating Christ's Love through Practical Service

Serving communities in East Africa through education (scholarships, supplies, teacher training), healthcare (medical camps, hygiene promotion), child well-being (education programs, street child rehabilitation), and community development

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Advocating for the Well-being of Children

Championing children's well-being through education, healthcare, safe havens, combating child abuse, and trauma-informed care.

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Our Causes

Didsil Missions Foundation empowers communities in East Africa. We invest in education, livelihoods, and spiritual growth. Our programs include scholarships, teacher training, house churches, film outreach, WASH programs, health camps, and children's support. Support us and build a brighter future in East Africa.

Giving love

Share the love, empower lives.Your support allows us to share the love and create a lasting impact. Join us and make a difference.


Hope for a brighter future starts with you. Your donation to DMF empowers communities in East Africa with education, healthcare, and opportunities to thrive.


Share your skills, share the Gospel. Volunteer with Didsil Missions Foundation and contribute directly to building a brighter future and advancing the Gospel message


Transforming Lives, Building Hope: Hear from the Didsil Missions Foundation Community

Sarah, Scholarship Recipient:
"Thanks to Didsil Missions Foundation's scholarship, I can finally pursue my dream of becoming a doctor. Their support has given me hope for a brighter future, not just for me, but for my entire family."
Nekesa, WASH Program Beneficiary:
"Before Didsil Missions Foundation built a well in our village, fetching clean water was a daily struggle. Now, my children can stay healthy and attend school regularly."
Pastor Othieno, Church Leader:
"DMF's leadership training has empowered me to become a more effective leader for my church community. Together, we are spreading the Gospel message and making a positive difference in our village."
Martha, New Believer:
"Since attending Didsil's film outreach program, I have found a newfound faith in God. Their message of hope has truly transformed my life."
George, Street Child Rehabilitation Program Graduate:
"DMF gave me a safe haven when I needed it most. They provided me with love, care, and education, helping me rebuild my life. Now, I'm working towards a brighter future."
David, Health Camp Participant:
"Didsil's health camp provided me with the medical care I desperately needed. I'm so grateful for their commitment to improving healthcare in underserved communities."