Our Causes

Didsil Missions Foundation (DMF) is dedicated to empowering individuals and communities in East Africa by fostering spiritual growth and advancing the Gospel message. Through a diverse range of initiatives, DMF works to equip individuals with the tools and resources they need to become strong disciples of Christ.

Spiritual Growth

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Discipleship Training

Equip individuals with the tools and resources to become effective disciples of Christ, deepening their faith and enabling them to share the Gospel and lead within their communities.


Support the viewing of films that share the Gospel message and inspire our communities in East Africa.


Contribute to organizing evangelistic crusades that reach large audiences and making more disciples of Christ
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Sunday School Project

Share the Gospel message with children through inspirational messages printed and inserted inside biscuits distributed to over 100 churches every Sunday

Church Development

Church Empowerment

Strengthen local churches by providing training and resources to church leaders, expanding their reach and service to the community.

House Church Planting

Contribute to establishing new house churches in Ugandan communities, fostering spiritual growth and community development.

Education, Children's Support & Empowerment

School Supplies

Help our organization by donating today! All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause.


Provide financial aid for underprivileged children to access quality education.

Teacher Training

Empower educators through training programs, improving the quality of education for children.

Vocational Training

Support programs that equip individuals with valuable skills for sustainable livelihoods.

Shoe Project

Donate shoes to protect children's health and enable regular school attendance.

Street Child Rehabilitation Program

Support a safe haven providing care, education, and support services for vulnerable street children.

Bike Project

empowers children to reach school by providing bicycles, ensuring no distance hinders their education.

Feeding Project

combats hunger and malnutrition in underprivileged communities. We provide nutritious meals to children, families, and vulnerable individuals.

Basic Needs & Wellbeing


WASH Program

Contribute to building wells ,providing purification systems and hygiene education initiatives that provide clean water and sanitation facilities in schools and communities.

Health Camps

Support health camps offering basic medical care, medication, and health awareness programs in underserved areas.

Goat Poject

Support the provision of goats to families, promoting a sustainable source of food and income

Mushroom Project

Empower families by providing training and resources for cultivating mushrooms, a nutritious and income-generating food source.